Happy day

Human mind craves happiness and as humans, what we are capable of holding in our hearts is simply divine. Human life involves both happiness and sadness. One can never always be happy or sad. One follows the other. To me, happiness is inner satisfaction. When my pre primary children wave their hands full of smiles in the morning makes me happy. We can find happiness in all tiny things in life. Only thing is our perception. Hope of love brings happiness. Because love makes life happy and so sweet. Each day we can choose kindness and love, for ourselves, our neighbours, our friends, and family ,we can encounter happiness . So choose love over all else to be happy. Learning from the past and planning for the future is beneficial, but enjoying the present is happiness. No need to wait for happiness to approach you to be happy. Many day-to-day things make us happy– having favourite food, listening to our favourite song, keeping busy with the right things. Schedule one of those activities every day. Appreciate the small things happening around and don’t expect ’big things’ to get happiness. Leading a truthful and honest life brings happiness. Such small packets of happiness prevail everywhere in this boundless space. Never go behind any of the packets outside. Open the packets which you have in your hands.
Have a happy day.

Ms. Madhavi
The Principal